CPT ALUMINIUM specialises in Design, Manufacture and Installation of Aluminium Stacking Vista Doors in and around Cape Town.

We can quote on all types of finishing details, wet-works and cladding included. Turnkey, Break-out of walls and existing timber/aluminium units to fit the new units. We enclose open areas like patios.

Aluminium Stacking Folding Vista Doors provide strength and security and they allow you to fold and slide the panels to the left or right, opening up the area.

Aluminium is, without a doubt, the perfect material for manufacturing folding doors. Its strength to weight ratio is unparalleled, it won’t expand or contract in extreme temperature conditions, and it is virtually maintenance free.

What’s more, aluminium can be powder coated to practically any colour. Aluminium folding doors have been growing in popularity over the past decade and have now become recognized as a fundamental feature when designing new-build homes, extensions or even in renovation projects.

Stacking Doors is great and offers versatility, space saving, increased natural light and the ability to bring the outside.

We offer different glazing and tinting options that allows different amount of light in.

Stacking doors can be closed when it’s cold, but also easily opens up an entire wall in warmer weather and when you would like to entertain.

You can choose whether the doors should fold internally or externally, the opening be placed at the side so the panels all fold one way to create a single entrance door for easy access, or in the middle to give the option of a double door.